Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our 1% CLUB Basketball Training Classes resume once again this sunday (6-weeks). We are excited for the feedback and demands to continue our classes, while adding a new Shooting Class (only a few spots left).

I also would like to let you know that our company is growing to the top of the basketball world. Our own Josh Akognon started in my program when he was 13. As a proud papa, Josh just got a call up from the Los Angeles Lakers Organization and leaves on monday. Topping that, Shabazz Muhammad will be with me this weekend in Santa Rosa, and every weekend till he leaves for his college of choice (Duke or Kentucky). Shabazz is currently the top rated High School player in the USA and slated as the next #1 Draft pick in the NBA draft. Add Jeremy Lin coming to Santa Rosa in his off-season to Join Josh and Shabazz and were talking major accomplishments for our company.

We hope you continually trust our curriculum with the development of your child. Basketball improvements takes months (if not years). But we no doubt have the proven curriculum for all ages....all the way to the top players in the world. We hope to see you out there. Sign up link is below.


Jeremy Russotti
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