Friday, December 20, 2013


1% Winter Camp in Napa!

When: Jan 3, 4, 5th Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-2pm

Where: Friday & Sunday at Justin Siena High School's Dan Clark Gym 4026 Maher St, Napa CA 94558

Saturday at Grace Church Gym 3765 Solano Ave, Napa CA 94558

What: 1% Basketball Club Founder Jeremy Russotti and 1% Skills Trainer + AAU High School Elite Skills Trainer Phil Doherty will lead skill clinics daily in Shooting from 11-12:30pm and Ball Handling from 12:30-2pm . These Certified Pro trainers have successfully developed many players from High School to College and NBA to reach their optimum game skills though proven hi-intensity training with specialized training equipment! BYOB-Bring Your Own Ball!

1% Basketball Club Main website: http://www.1percentclub.org/
1% Club Clinics and Camps in Napa Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/1-Basketball-Club-Skills-Conditioning-Napa/384551121573024
Register Now, as Space is Limited and Drop-Ins are on Space Available basis!

Cost: 3 day Clinic Christmas Special is $80 for advance registration on-line at: http://store.jglove.com/napa-christmas-basketball-camp-jan-3rd-5th/ 3 day campers will receive one patented 1% shooting aid, either a JGlove Various sizes):http://store.jglove.com/products/J%252dGlove-Shooting-Aid.html or JStrap (one size fits all) JGlove: http://jglove.com/science.html is for proper shooting hand form and release and JStrap :http://jstrap.net prevents off hand interference and thumbing the ball. After registering your player/s email your size and product to ensure inventory at the Camp: info@jglove.com . $30 Drop In Fee in Cash at the door, exact Change is accepted for 1 or 2 day attendance.

Why: Now is the time to sharpen your team and player's skills, in season and during school break!

Video links: Here's Video of 2013 Fall Skills Clinic in Napa: http://youtu.be/FxeegqGE9oY (Ball Handling) http://youtu.be/S-oQtVRwNgY (Shooting)

Hosted by Napa Valley Basketball Alliance, a non-profit youth basketball development organization and Alliance of AAU non-profit Clubs, Teams and Coaches:

NVBA Main Website: http://www.nvbasketballalliance.org
NVBA Facebook: https://facebook.com/NVBA1

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